I was born 15 February on 1965 in Paris in the 15 éme district and my love for the painting came to light rather late actually I was about 27 years old...

I owe this passion to my father and also to a painter whom I met in Landes, died today (Guy Favergeat) and, indeed both had profoundly conquered me....

From then on, I began to learn the drawing el painting with evidement the help(assistant) of certains works as I had bought in various bookshops.Debuts were difficult because it is necessary to say it, what I painted , was not convenient for me at all ; and yes one would like at once having a big talent but regrettably all this is of the learning.

Finally after some months of doggedness, the first sketches began to be born but the result once again were not for me very convainquants.

Then j'made a big decision, to take classes(courses)of painting notably of watercolour.I have so began to convass small advertisements in magazines spécialises then in boutiques.

Further to these searches, I managed to find the person who finally could help me in my route(course).It was about an artist independent painter who learnt a lot me .I followed so six months by class (course), and there, first works began finally to be born ;I began so to be very satisfied.

Then after this stage I took classes(course)in the Caillebotte institute where there I discovered(found) the pastel and oil painting. I was really conquered with the pastel; the got(touched)of the material(subject) it is really extraordinary, since I essentially adopted this technique.

Indeed most part of my tables (pictures)are pastels,but there are egalement watercolours and some oil paintings.

Here is you know everything about my route(course), maintaining I paint according to the intuition and I stopped(arrested) taking classes(courses).